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  • Joy of Knowing Who I Am (The), Book 1 of The Fundamentals of the Christ-life Bible Study Series

    Joy of Knowing Who I Am (The), Book 1 of The Fundamentals of the Christ-life Bible Study Series 

    Book 1: The Joy of Knowing Who I Am

    Find yourself in God’s eternal plan! What happened when you were born again? What is your spiritual identity to God? How does Christ and His Cross affect you and your earthly life? Oh! What release and joy comes when we discover who we are in Christ!

    A Study of the Final Gospel: The Fundamentals of the Christ-life Bible Study Series

    Christians can be spiritually saved yet completely uninformed of what that means, leaving them poorly equipped for living out their earthly Christian life. Apostle Paul taught the importance of renewing our minds after salvation.

    Before God created the heavens and the earth, he already had a goal and a plan, which He kept hidden until He revealed it to Paul (Eph. 3:8–11; Col. 1:25–27). By learning God’s eternal plan, we understand our lives, salvation, our part in His plan, and who we are to God.

    This plan culminates in the final gospel, which Christ personally assigned to Apostle Paul. The final gospel, the gospel of grace, is for born-again believers who live in the age of grace after the Cross. This final gospel is to us, for us!

    A Study of the Final Gospel opens a whole new understanding of the Bible, God’s eternal plan, Christ’s administration of it, and our role in it, including our relationship with Him and our earthly walk. This is an in-depth, Christ-centered Bible study series for individuals or groups, using God’s Word, to help us learn to live this life in Christ as God’s children.

    Because these lessons build from the ground up, it is vital for all Christians, both new and seasoned, to start fresh with strong, foundational understanding to firmly support advanced concepts in later teachings. We strongly urge students begin with Book 1 of the first series, The Fundamentals of the Christ-life and work through these lessons and the following books in their proper order.

    Format: Paperback
    Number of Pages: 222
    Publisher: Christ-life Publishing House
    Publication Date: 2016
    ISBN: 978-0-9969905-7-8


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    17-Nov-2016 10:05 PM magda du toit


    Where in South Africa can I buy Book 1

    21-Nov-2016 07:10 AM Christ-life Admin


    Dear Magda, We have a list of our International Fellowship leaders in the top menu of our website. You can order materials from South Africa from our representative, Denise Hayes, at She will be very helpful.

    31-Dec-2016 12:22 PM Sheila Goldie


    I believe we need to meet people with this message where they find themselves in their life. For example, when you want a recipe you look on the website for a specific type. Now those who are having problems with their lives, should have somewhere to get help. Struggling with sin, divorced,being a muslin all their lives,depressed, lonely. Then direct them to specific scriptures in Paul's epistles showing them where to find help and deliverance.Just five minute readings, to wet their appetite and entice them to come back.Time is of the essence in life and i believe there are people who search for help on line, weather it is from your web-site or u-tube, which is very popular.

    25-Jan-2017 01:38 AM Bryan Cuff


    Hi Warren and Robbie
    We have two small groups in Cape Town going through the book, "The Joy.." Really wonderful and foundational, but deep in the things of Christ. Enjoying tremendously. Many thanks. All our love. Bryan and Pam

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